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Thursday, November 10, 2011


This year at the Minnesota shop hop, my brother went with me to a couple of stores. Little did I know when we had the family Christmas party last week, that he had bought me a couple of goodies. Aren't these little pins just adorable. The fabric, one of them has a border that says Minnesota on them. I may not use the pins and just look at them because they are sooooo adorable.
This pic didn't turn out so well but I bought this little pot and it has dual purpose, a hot pot that will heat up food as well. My dad has one he uses at the craft fairs to heat up stew/soup/water for tea. Well I was sold when last we (his girlfriend and I) heated up my bbq pork. The trick is it has to have enough liquid in it to not stick to the cooking plate inside. A hot pot has coils, this is a hot pot deluxe. So....I just washed it and heated up my tea water, it works awesome. My next venture with the pot other than to take to the mall for the craft show this weekend, is to use the car plug adapter and see if it will heat water off the lighter jack in the car. How fun and healthy this could be, limited to stews and ultra moist hot dish but, when the seal a meal is working I can have other things. :) And I will be saving lots of money by not eating the mall and fast food.
Today I started my sewing room and have found the two desks in the room. It will probably take me a little while to get itall under control, decluttering making the room useable for something other than storage, but I will feel so much lighter to get all the extra stuff out of my house. Clutter free is the goal, not working 2 jobs it is a little easier to get organized. I had a couple of interviews but they didn't pan out. I have another one I would have to stay over night but it pays really well. Wish me luck.
Well hope all is well in your world....Have a great day and God Bless All of YOU!!!!!!

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Jeanette said...

Love those pins. They are so cute. The fabric looks nice. Have fun with the hot pot. :) Hugs,

xiaoyu said...
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xiaoyu said...
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