I can do all things in Christ who strengthens ME!!!! Phil 4:13

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter Warmup

Looks like the snow is melting fast. I guess it is time for a winter thaw, works for me, I can see my driveway again. Here I thought I would get a lot of house work done over my mini break from work and I have gotten a little bit done. Maybe I should have a get-together that will spur some excitement to get the house in order. Still working on the quilting area (can't see it yet) but I can see the kitchen table, just one more pile to sort through.

I have been doing a little bit of stitching - 3 more npnt blocks done.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

It is finally Christmas Eve. Not much happening here as everyone is so far away at the moment. Dad is driving back from TX on Christmas Day. Mom and Fran are enjoying the Texas weather. All the brothers and sisters are home and safe, but still more than an hour away. Except for Mike he is in Ireland. I am home this evening with no special plans. I could go to a cousins but... Jeremy and Stephie want to stay home. My car is still a little scary with the new tires still likes to go its own way. I will get the wheels aligned on Friday and see if that helps.

On the upside no snow until the weekend. :) I think we have enough for now.

Monday, December 22, 2008

New Tires

I am hoping that the new front tires will help me stay on the road. The car is all over the road with just a tiny bit of snow or slush. I guess we will see tomorrow when there is another 5 inches coming. UGH!!! I am beginning to hate winter :).

On the upside definitely going to be a white Christmas.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


The view from my front door is a very Christmassy picture. Although this is probably the best it will look as the storm is supposed to get much worse by this afternoon. Upon close inspection of the photo, the snowflakes are not showing up in the pic. But believe me they are really there.

Like my new car it is the red one. This is just the snow that has fallen since late last night. So....instead of cleaning i am clearing a spot to sew. I have the next 4 weekends off from the craft show circuit.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I love seeing my kids, especially when I haven't seen one of them for 4.5 years. Just on a fluke his class was in Minneapolis this week. I could only get down there for one night, but it was worth it. I am so tired but happy. I had a great visit. Nick was running late but after an hour wait I finally was able to see him. They grow up so much over the years it is exciting watching the changes in each one of them. Hopefully it will not be another 4 year time span before the next visit. 4 years is way to long. And I have a pic, I will post later just way to tired tonight as it was 2am before I could finally fall asleep. I overslept for work as well but fortunately no one noticed.

Looks like I will be home all weekend my nice car doesn't like the snowy roads. Jeremy thinks it maybe the tires. I guess we will try that as when I took it for an alignment they said the tierods were loose. After checking it out Jeremy seems to think they are fine so now I need another opinion. Well that works.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Inclement Weather Means One Clean Room and Pressies!!!

I stayed home from the Mall show as we were supposed to get a big storm. It is really slippery and my car doesn't do very well in the snow. I am going to get an alignment on the car and then I am sure it will be fine. But I still love the car. All we have had is rain so far. The snow is right on the doorstep though. I am so glad we aren't getting dumped on as the snowblower still doesn't work. Fortunately Jeremy's boss will come and plow us out. Guess he better keep being a good employee.

3 more blocks done. One is done with the pigment marker. I am putting these in a different quilt because it is heart applique and very dark materials I think the textures will inter mix as it will have the written, embroidered and raw edge button hole applique . I think it will be very pretty. (hopefully)

Thank you Jeanette for the wonderful Christmas present. I have some stuff collected and as soon as things improve I will send them to you.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Long Day at the Mall

It was a very long day at the Mall. I sold less than 5 pieces. If it storms and we get the big blizzard I will stay home tomorrow. I may just take a mental health day tomorrow anyway. People are definitely not buying much. Lot of crafters did not sell much or even make their booth rent. I did but just made enough to buy some groceries and maybe pay a small bill. LOL. I like to make enough to at least make a difference. Next week is my last check for the season. I am really looking forward to some R & R time as well as a fairly clean house, and maybe some quilting. It will be nice having the next 3 weekends off.

Happy snowy day tomorrow!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a Week

It was so busy at work this week... just seemed to drain all my energy. I have now finished 4 blocks for the Nice People Nice Things quilt. It looks like the weather will be bad this weekend, which means either I will be swamped at the mall or it will be dead in the mall. I will get several blocks done this weekend. Say lots of prayers, I think either this weekend or next weekend is my last show until the new year. I am so looking forward to 4 days off over christmas and another 4 days off over new years. I have so much I want to do. Clean.... sew.... and organize. I guess i will have to take a couple of days for rest and relaxation.

Well Happy Holidays. This year I am not working at HR Block, so I will actually have a few extra days off to get the house ready. I am keeping it simple this year and am not putting up a tree. Although there are always the decorations that have never been put away. I will maximize their importance this year and they will become the "Tree".

New's Year Resolution is to quit smoking. It is a priority this year.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lots of Giveaways

Lots of give aways everywhere. Sheri Howard, along withFreda's Hive and Lynette's Designs. Awesome giveaway from Lands End here Lands End giveaway I have also put a button to the site on my page.

Got some great news Nick will be in town next week maybe I will get lucky and be able to see him twice. Haven't seen him in 4 years.

I have applied for another job say prayers. I really like the job I have but the income is toooo... low. I will hate leaving there as I really enjoy most of the people I work with.

Found out my car doesn't like snowy roads so off to the shop for an alignment and hopefully that will help.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Giveaway for a Snowy Day

There is a great giveaway at Freda's Hive. Enter every day for 7 chances to win.

Very slow day at the craft fair. AND THEN!!!! it had to snow so roads were slippery on the way home. My new car doesn't seem to like the snowy roads. Makes it a scary ride home and to work. Sales were slow today. I didn't do much with the stitchery as it was cold in the center today. Packed up at 4, went grocery shopping and came home. Steph helped me make enchilada's. They were sooooo..... good. only 2 left out of the 9 x 13 pan that was overflowing with enchilada's. Definitely a favorite here and so easy to make.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday craft Fair

My other life. I worked today at the Craft fair. It is definitely a sign of the times as the people count was way down, even though there was a full ice arena next door. I can tell that money is very tight compared to last year. I had one customer buy more than one bracelet, everyone else only bought 1. Last year I would have at least a couple of people buy more than one bracelet as a gift. The stores are also way down in sales. I thought everything would be fine in 09 (my new slogan for the year) but... I am a little worried about the economy being down. Well it always picks up after awhile, will just have to wait it out.

It was soooo... cold today. Seems to get really cold after it snows. Even though there weren't many customers at the fair, my dad and I still did ok. I even was able to almost finish one of my NPNT blocks. I guess it may not take me a year to do the quilt although sharing the blocks with another quilt may mean I have to make twice as many. It is a quick and easy take along project.

My anxiety level has been really high lately so if you think about it and can spare a prayer, I could use one. :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Figured it out lol :)

Well I finally figured out how to make the link with a name, although I haven't figured it out here but in the other word program works pretty well. I want to print this Merry Christmas 2 from GailPan Designs. As well as Stash Busters 2009 I really need to get my stash and ufo's finished and I think now is a good time to start focusing on this project.

Still not feeling Great

Well I am still not feeling the greatest. I have stitched two of the NPNT quilt. I was going to applique the hearts and decided to use the pigment pen for the tiny writing and stitch the hearts. I think they look pretty cool. So here are my first two blocks. Definitely a lot of work but I think the end result will be pretty spectacular. I am going to intersperse a few of them in a quilt with appliqued hearts so the quilt will not be quite so dark.