I can do all things in Christ who strengthens ME!!!! Phil 4:13

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

I know it is a little early but since I have been so busy with work and now cleaning the house for a party on Jan 2. (I think I may find a little time to put the backing on my Aunts heart quilt. I found something called pond hopper it is sage green with flowers, dragon flies and butterflies. Kind of reminds me of a fairy garden. I think my Aunt will love it. I figured LOL Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends.

We in Minnesota are having way to many Currier and Ives moments, and there is more on the way for Thursday. I think this will be the snowiest December on record, since winter starts officially today.

Have a blessed week and God Bless all of YOU!!!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend Snow In!!!!!

Technically I am snowed in at the motel. I chose to stay Friday night so that I could work on Saturday. After finally getting out (I am only a block away from one of the entrances to the mall) of the motel parking lot, I finally arrived at the mall at 11:00 am. The mall actually closed at 3 pm today. Sooooo...... I thought I was smart with my laptop LOL I just realized I have left the plug in at the mall. Hopefully it is still in my booth.

I thought I would share a couple pic from the mall door. The one was actually plowing the parking lot and 2 hours later it still did not look plowed. The other is from the one door the garage door is a loading dock. You can't read the words on the entrance behind it( can't see it barely).Woodbury had 20 inches, Shakopee had 15 inches. Not sure how much I have at home but it has to be similar to what St Paul has.
Well have a great rest of the weekend. I am off the puter until I get back to the mall tomorrow.
God Bless all of YOU!!!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tyler's Quilt

front, back, signature square

I made this quilt in 1997 and finished it in 1998. One never knows the impact of a gift. This year our Christmas party was at dad's motel and the main party was held in Tyler's apartment. The subject of I still have the quilt you made for me and can you fix it. When I make the quilts for people I hope they are used and literally worn out. At one time (pre-divorce) I figured I would be able to make many of them and all the neices and nephews and brothers and sisters and....anyone else who needed one would get one. I figure a quilt is a hug made from love.

I also found out that David, Tyler's brother took the quilt when he left home. Now David loved the quilt as much as Tyler. When Tyler went to visit his brother he found the quilt on David's bed. Well he did what any brother or sister would do...he took it home. I should have gotten a pic of Tyler with the quilt. I know I have one . but it is pre-digital 35 mm and of course I still haven't gotten organized from the painting of the kitchen and sewing room, because I am still working 2 jobs and blah blah. LOL :) (I just have to remember it is in baby steps).

As the story goes that evening when Tyler asked me to fix the spots the quilt is coming apart, he proudly showed me and told his brother see it really is mine. The wording has faded and I will trace over it. It says Made for Tyler by Aunt Kim finished 2/97, given by Uncle Arnie (my ex) 12/97. Now I have to tell you the quilt is a little small now as both boys are 6 feet tall.

Ahhh the memories I remember one little boy Shane cried when he received his quilt, of course he was only 4 or 5. Now it is a prized position. Funny how life turns out.

Have a great day and God Bless All of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Miller Hill Mall and Finishes for Nov 2010

I did finally finish the last of the fleece quilts. They are for gifts but :) not exactly who they are going to. I saved a fleece one for me but it is a different type of fleece quilt.

If your in Duluth this weekend there is a huge craft fair at the Miller Hill Mall. I am hoping to be there but am not quite sure. Working 2 jobs sometimes I just have to take a weekend off just to regenerate.

I still haven't put the batting and backing on the heart quilt, that should be done over the Christmas break. Mom borrowed me her quilting kit for the Designer 1, I am so excited. I do not think the handiquilter will work with the designer 1 and have not tried to see if the old machine will even sew right now.

Work is busy right now getting the office ready for Tax Season, I am now teaching a second set of tax classes. I did have a job interview 2 weeks ago, but was never called for a second interview. I figure I will just have to work 2 jobs for the tax season and then start looking again in March. Maybe something will open up this spring. There are so many people out of work and unemployment benefits right now. It isn't unusual for an employer to receive 500 applications for 1 job.

Remember this holiday season all those who are silently suffering, remembering those they have lost, memories of happier times. Share a smile with them or call them and let them know your thinking of them, for at this time of year some of them feel all alone, even when surrounded by loved ones.

Well have a great weekend and God Bless All of YOU!!!!!