I can do all things in Christ who strengthens ME!!!! Phil 4:13

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Festival of Trees 11-19 to 11-20-2011

This weekend I will be a vendor at the Festival of Trees in Duluth Minnesota. It is an awesome fundraiser for the Twin Ports area. If your in the area stop by and shop. The festival of trees is the prelude to a huge parade in the evening marking the beginning of the holiday season in Duluth.
And of course the Kidlets need to come as Santa will be there as well.
Life is topsy turvy in my world this week. Lots of prayers needed for a job, as the unemployment ended and the craft fairs will end in just a few weeks. Kind of a scary time, but this is one of the fun shows I do. On the upside I get to spend quality time with my nephew taking him to his driver's ed classes, and have started going through stuff again, I can actually find the desks in the sewing room. Just a few more boxes to go through, then sort and organize the fabric. Give away the huge tv in that room. I will be able to sew, scrapbook, and write all in one room :). Although I may just leave the cutting board on the old dresser in the kitchen as it is tall enough to cut out fabric without messing up my neck.
Have a great weekend and God Bless all of YOU!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


This year at the Minnesota shop hop, my brother went with me to a couple of stores. Little did I know when we had the family Christmas party last week, that he had bought me a couple of goodies. Aren't these little pins just adorable. The fabric, one of them has a border that says Minnesota on them. I may not use the pins and just look at them because they are sooooo adorable.
This pic didn't turn out so well but I bought this little pot and it has dual purpose, a hot pot that will heat up food as well. My dad has one he uses at the craft fairs to heat up stew/soup/water for tea. Well I was sold when last we (his girlfriend and I) heated up my bbq pork. The trick is it has to have enough liquid in it to not stick to the cooking plate inside. A hot pot has coils, this is a hot pot deluxe. So....I just washed it and heated up my tea water, it works awesome. My next venture with the pot other than to take to the mall for the craft show this weekend, is to use the car plug adapter and see if it will heat water off the lighter jack in the car. How fun and healthy this could be, limited to stews and ultra moist hot dish but, when the seal a meal is working I can have other things. :) And I will be saving lots of money by not eating the mall and fast food.
Today I started my sewing room and have found the two desks in the room. It will probably take me a little while to get itall under control, decluttering making the room useable for something other than storage, but I will feel so much lighter to get all the extra stuff out of my house. Clutter free is the goal, not working 2 jobs it is a little easier to get organized. I had a couple of interviews but they didn't pan out. I have another one I would have to stay over night but it pays really well. Wish me luck.
Well hope all is well in your world....Have a great day and God Bless All of YOU!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thrift Store Fingdings

Aren't they just adorable. :)
I found this fun little rub on set and iron on transfer at a thrift store in Detroit Lakes MN. The price was right and I just had to have them both. I am not sure what I am going to use the rub on's for but they are so much fun to play with.
I also had a job interview today, this would be in my line of work with very good benefits and a payscale I could live on. The job is a couple hours from where I normally work, but it would be work, which I have been looking for, for a long long time. Wish me luck.
I stopped at a little park in Buffalo, and had lunch with this cute little fellow. He posed for me twice :).
It was a beautiful day here in Minnesota. The snow storm that was to hit southern Minnesota went towards Wisconsin (sorry, even though we are 5 inches below normal for precip. I am just not ready for snow.)
Today I am thankful for God providing all my needs, for providing the jobs I go on an interview to, even though I am a basket case and full of anxiety. I have this little network of peeps who I send a txt to and they all pray for me. I am so blessed and thankful for all of you who stop by my blog, it may not be as exciting as other blogs out there, but I do enjoy writing my musing's and showing the fun things in my life.
Well have a great day and God Bless All of YOU!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Funky Pillowcases

Let me know what you think of my fun little pillowcases, it is a great stash reducing move and time wise not being able to work on any quilts right now I still get to sew. I figured I would put a couple on my table and if they sell, great, if not then I will donate them to the pillowcase challenge.
It has been quite awhile since I have blogged. Things have been a bit different here. I just quit a part time sweat shop job because it messed up my neck and arms. I had such severe pain, so.... I am back to doing craft fairs with the magnetics.
We had our Christmas party on Halloween weekend ( both mom and dad are going to Texas and dad possibly Arizona for the winter), I made up several flour sack towels with Stephie's help and funky pillowcases for the kidlets. I was so busy I forgot to take a picture of them, they did turn out very nice and definitely funky.
Let me know what you think of them. I just finished 3 of them and am going to see if they generate any interest at the craft fair this weekend.
This party was so....AWESOME....No I did not meet the man of my dreams, but my grandson was able to come to the party....and it was the first time he has ever been able to come and visit me. He will be 14 in a couple of weeks.
Well I am off to another craft fair, so....have a great day and:
GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!