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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Christmas in July Swap and a few odds and ends

Please visit my Christmas in July swap partner

I forgot to take a pic of what I sent her. She has some nice pic of the package.

The job search is going well. I think I am starting a job full time in the next couple of weeks. I am excited yet scared.

Jeremy was really sick this week. He had a tooth pulled and then the infection worsened. He is doing much better. I was really worried for him. I put out the prayer request and God in all His glory healed him with the right medication and no surgery.

I have almost finished my candlewicking table cloth I started in March. Wow that will be 4 finishes this month. My show this weekend is so slow. Hardly any sales, which means I finished one book and almost one craft project.

I think this would be fun, but it will have to wait until I am working full time with the weekends off. I will be free in the evening to sew at least one. (I am thinking....)

There is a Christmas in July giveaway at Awesome giveaway

An awesome giveaway here from Freda Friday Give-Aways from the Quilting Gallery

A couple of exciting things have happened I bought a beautiful jewelry armoire and she bought a bracelet from me so I imagine it is a trade. The only problem is it is still at my dad's 2 hours away until my car is empty in August. is soooo pretty. Now I will be able to find all my jewelry and stop losing the earrings. I also found a Viking Designer 1 sewing machine, used for $1300.00. I will look at it on Tuesday. Have to pray for some sales since the show this week is soooo slow, no one is buying. I won't be able to get it if I don't sell 10 bracelets tomrorow. Maybe she will take a payment plan. :)

Have a great week, God Bless all of you.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Looking for input

What do you think of this the hearts are many different novelty fabrics as well as the different fabrics for the background. The center strip is the sashing fabric. I have some ideas on embroidery I have doodled for the sashing. I thought little butterflies, flowers and lazy daisy's. The border fabric is the paper doll fabric and a butterfly fabric, and I have a scripture panel I am going to intersperse either on the border or inbetween a row or two.

One of my questions is do you think it will look alright as well as not to hearty it is for my aunt but I think it might be overpowering for my uncle. LOL!!!! or do you think it will be pretty the way I have described it.

Have a great week and God Bless all of YOU!!!! :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me and Happy 4th of July

Wishing everyone a safe 4th of July Holiday. I will be working, remember to support your local craft fair vendor. LOL

It is also my birthday. I will be working, but my son and his fiance had Dairy Queen Blizzards in honor of my birthday. Thank you Stephie, it was YUMMY!!!

God Bless all of you

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Awesome giveaway at

and another at