I can do all things in Christ who strengthens ME!!!! Phil 4:13

Friday, January 30, 2009

Busy Busy Day and I still love quilting and a giveaway

Today I helped my brother hem and alter some oversized bedspreads for his motel. It was fun I brought both my sewing machines, and all my sewing doodads. It took awhile to get set up and we were almost going to say the heck with it when I remembered the walking foot I had never used. Well lo and behold it actually works. The walking foot worked so well that Tom went out and bought another one for the other machine.

The other machine I have never done anything heavy on it because it is plastic and just never sews anything heavy really well. Well....let me tell you the walking foot on that machine it actually does a very nice job. Now that we have it down to a science we can get 2 bedspreads hemmed in less than a half hour. (these are queen size spreads).

The other thing that we used was an electric scissors. They are awesome and were on sale yesterday at Hancock Fabrics for $25.00 Normally selling for $60.00. Cutting the fabric was never easier and I do love my Fiskars (can't think of the name but they are the ergonomic ones). Well mom and I bought one today. They are

The Green Fairy has an awesome bag give away here so hop on over and comment on her website. I like the name of her site. Mmmmmm wonder why lol :) must be because my site is

Thanks for all the prayers it has really helped get the job done. We should be done tomorrow afternoon, earlier than planned

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Weekend is Here

Another weekend is here. No crafty projects done this week. Tax time is here and even though I am not doing taxes this year, I still have my usual friends and families to do. Along with playing cribbage. Today I am heading out of town to help sew hems on some bedspreads for my brothers motel. Should be fun I don't get to see him very often. I have finished a couple of my NPNT blocks and will post them when I get back.

Have a great weekend everyone and say a prayer for safe travels (3.5 hr drive) and that God gives me the wisdom to do the job.

God Bless You All.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not Much New Here - Cribbage Anyone

Not much new here just working and back to an old past time. I am playing cribbage on a team at , we play in the cases team room. It is fun we play in teams. If you would like to sign up just click this link When you show up in lobby tell them you want to join a team. I play on the Pirates, Arrrrg :). I do a little stitching when I am not playing or surfing the blogs. If your interested in playing team cribbage for fun come sign up here.

Had a nice week, it was a heat wave here in Minnesota, it is all over now. Back to WINTER, they are forecasting sub zero temps again this weekend. Hopefully the car won't have a problem with it as I am working a show 2 hours from here. -25 - -40 below is nuts yet we still live here. No wonder we make all these is the need for survival. All those blankies keep us warm. The winter carnival starts this weekend. I remember years ago I walked up to a car and got Robert Clarey's autograph (wonder where that is now) he played Labeau on Hogan's Hero's. They do an awesome Ice Castle. I also remember when the Vulcans could come up and kiss a girl and smudge the black V on the cheek and not get caught for sexual harrassment. Ahhh those were they days and they were so cute. Now they are old farts does that mean I am old as well.

Hopefully my show will be busy, otherwise I will get an awful lot done on my Nice People Nice Things quilt stitcheries.

Well stay warm and stay safe.

Kim :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugration Day

Congratulations to our new President Barrack Obama. May he serve our country well. History has been made today.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Project completed

I started this fleece baby blanket for my grandson and never finished it. I finally finished the blanket today and will be giving it to my cousins new baby, it is a girl. I think she will use it longer than my 1 yo grandson.
What a nice day, very quiet. I think I have found the source of my anxiety. Have some new options to try. Say lots of prayers. The quilting helps as it is very theraputic.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lots of Giveaways

There are lots of giveaways out there. Lots of cool blogs to see along the way.

Mary has some wonderful blog candy in her giveaway.

Rosalie has a cute pattern for a jellyroll bag, a sewing kit as well as a needle case.

Above All Fabric has fabric, patterns and charm squares in her giveaway and is celebrating her one year anniversary.

Optimistic Beauty has a beautiful set of earrings.

Nichole is having a great giveaway for an apron and they are sooooo cute.

Lainie Jane has a pendant and fat quarters, beautiful fabric.

Bee Square Fabric has really cool Japanese fabrics.

Lilly Cottage has a really cool Valentine giveaway.
Melly and Me would like you to name their new monster.

JoJo has a mystery box giveaway for her 100th post.
I actually have 2 sewing machines both work in different ways, even though they are older the old cast iron one actually works very well on my Handiquilter. My other craft favs are pictured in the middle pic. I love the little thread catcher, my fiskar scissors, along with ruler and mat.

Isn't This Awesome!!!

I have a daily bible verse on my blog. Every time you refresh the page a different verse comes up. I read this verse from Acts 10:34 . Then Peter began to speak: "I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism" (NIV). And it suddenly (I really did know this and have heard it many times before) dawned on me....that even though the world plays favorites HE(God) does not. I mean how AWESOME is this. It means that we are all treated the same in His eyes, and He loves us regardless of what we can and can not do. He doesn't critize us for our short comings or if we leave the butter out and the mice we didn't know we have (no mice right now :) ty ) have a grand high fat supper on us. So when you read this post, I just wanted to let each and everyone of you know how special you really are, and who really cares if it isn't perfect. Because we are each perfect in His eyes and that is what really matters. Tiny Tim said in a Christmas Carol GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!!!!! and I say Thank You for stopping by.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Uneventful day and a Giveaway

Isn't it pinky. So pretty and I love the butterflies. Clare is having a giveaway for her 50th post. So...hop on over and wish her well.
It was a fairly uneventful day, unless you consider the anxiety attack I had while at the grocery store. UGH!!! Thank God for cell phones and people. LOL I am not alone. But I was able to get all my groceries and my library books. The chiropractor thinks it maybe something in my neck that is causing this. I did feel better after I went on Wednesday and had energy on Thursday and Friday and now I am sooo tired. It is a good thing I have a really good chiropractor, now if the quilt shop were open late on Monday or Wednesday nights I would be in big trouble. I just found out though there is a quilt guild on Monday night there as well on my way home. Now just have to get to feeling better so I can get to them. One of them sounds really nice as they have a dinner and a devotion time.
Well I guess it is hi ho it's off to crafting I go for when life throws you scraps you make quilts.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have just been bestowed the honor of an award from my very dear friend Jeanette. Even though we are miles apart our friendship has been such a blessing. It is called the proximity friendship award. Thank you Jeanette!!!

When you receive the award this text needs to go with it.

The meaning of this award:

This blog invests and believes in Proximity- nearness in space, time and relationships.These blogs are exceedingly charming.These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends .They are not interested in prizes for self-aggrandizement!Our hope is that when the ribbon of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated.Please give more attention to these writers!

I would like to send this award to:
Steph my future dil as she is just so sweet and helpful.
Jeanette if I could send it back to I would as well.
Helen's she actually has two blogs and I ordered her Nice People Nice Things pattern and this is also a fun blog of hers.
Sonia's website she had some neat designs and the coolest buttons.
Molly's Place is just awesome has great tutorials as well.

There are so many more who deserve this award as well, so.....just pat yourself on the blog and accept the award. :)

January project completed

I have completed 12 of these cute little baskets. I think I have captured them all before one walked away earlier today. Steph and I made these baskets for the people at work for Christmas. I think they will really enjoy them, although they said as long as it included "CHOCOLATE" it would be even better. I will be stopping at the store on the way to work, what is a basket without anything inside. :) Guess it does need chocolate after all. The last basket is in an earlier post. The image will not seem to upload.
Well back to the dishes. I am off today which for me makes a 5 day weekend. So far I have done the laundry, most of the dishes and relaxed at the computer.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Careful of what you sign up for

I have been following the Whirl of Winter blog giveaways.
Well...there are rules to most of the giveaway blogs. One of the rules on Bonnies blog was to do a chore for 15 minutes. Well my chore took a little longer but i am happy with the end result. Now where to hide the big box I put all the stuff in!!!! (just kidding :) lol) Anyway there is a start, middle and end picture of my kitchen table.(this is what happens when you work 2 jobs)

I didn't get any sewing done today and it is an early bedtime as I have to work in the morning, Unless I am feeling kind of yucky like I did today.
I guess it pays to get more rest.
I found my fairy garden, to bad all the plants died a couple months after I bought it but it is still cute. The teapot was from my grandmother when she passed away as is the doily it is on.
Now for my next project.....

Friday, January 9, 2009

3 Projects done

Well it has been pretty quiet in blogland lately.Everyone must be sewing up a storm to finish all those projects. There are a lot of BOM's popping up out there I wish I were able to do some of them but just not that much time right now. I finished 3 of the fabric baskets. Aren't they cute I will post a pic of all of them when they are all done. I have to charge my batteries. This pic may not be very clear as it came off my phone.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A little cleaning, A little sewing and A new challenge

Well for the first time in months I can see my entry way. I should have taken a before and after picture :). Guess I don't want to remember what it used to look like.

Found a new weight loss challenge, check this out over at Red Geranium Cottage. I think this will go quite nicely with weight watchers, one is free the other isn't but all the tips will come in handy. Now if I can find that cute outfit for my goal.

Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Challenge for 2009 and a Giveaway

I have just signed up for the 2009 Finish a Project a Month Challenge. Which is cool because I have a ton of stuff to finish and even more that I want to make. Problem is I haven't been quilting/sewing for 3 years. Well I found the sewing machine a few weeks ago, just trying to see if it will work after I dust it off. I am starting small but will work up to my ufo quilts and others I would like to make. If you would like to sign up for the challenge go see Kris's blog.

A cool camera bag giveaway is at Sarah's blog. It is really pretty.

Our first attempt at making a basket. They aren't quite done but the one on the left is mine the other is Steph's (her first attempt at patchwork) She is really excited can you tell.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year & Whirl of Winter

I hope this new year brings wishes and blessings for everyone. It is a beautiful New Year's Day here. Partly cloudy, we did not get the snow that was forecasted. Great for me but as I am staying home today it could have snowed all day. It was quiet here last night. Son and GF stayed in and we watched movies, had fried rice (best I have made so far).

I have a new slogan for this year, "It's going to be fine in 09", great to start on a positive note.

I have decided I really like the Polka-Dot Girls pattern but can't seem to find anywhere that carries it so that I may have a look. Anyone?????

There is an earring giveaway here Earring Giveaway. Very pretty pink earrings.

I am also doing a giveaway run and visiting all these wonderful blogs who are giving away just for stopping by and leaving a comment. Just click on the snowflake and you will be taken to a page that will list all the participants. It's great international visitors can enter as well.

I really should be cleaning so I can start using up my stash but... it is so much fun to look at others work and be totally inspired.

Here are a some of the blogs participating and they have the most wonderful giveaways. All uniquely different.

Pat's Blog
Gin's Blog
Zana's Blog
One Mother
Hills Creek Quilter
Crafty Janie