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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not Much New Here - Cribbage Anyone

Not much new here just working and back to an old past time. I am playing cribbage on a team at , we play in the cases team room. It is fun we play in teams. If you would like to sign up just click this link When you show up in lobby tell them you want to join a team. I play on the Pirates, Arrrrg :). I do a little stitching when I am not playing or surfing the blogs. If your interested in playing team cribbage for fun come sign up here.

Had a nice week, it was a heat wave here in Minnesota, it is all over now. Back to WINTER, they are forecasting sub zero temps again this weekend. Hopefully the car won't have a problem with it as I am working a show 2 hours from here. -25 - -40 below is nuts yet we still live here. No wonder we make all these is the need for survival. All those blankies keep us warm. The winter carnival starts this weekend. I remember years ago I walked up to a car and got Robert Clarey's autograph (wonder where that is now) he played Labeau on Hogan's Hero's. They do an awesome Ice Castle. I also remember when the Vulcans could come up and kiss a girl and smudge the black V on the cheek and not get caught for sexual harrassment. Ahhh those were they days and they were so cute. Now they are old farts does that mean I am old as well.

Hopefully my show will be busy, otherwise I will get an awful lot done on my Nice People Nice Things quilt stitcheries.

Well stay warm and stay safe.

Kim :)

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