I can do all things in Christ who strengthens ME!!!! Phil 4:13

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yesterday there were 9 spots left, today 6 now 5

I saw the GO retreat advertised and my wishful thinking was oh how I really, really, really want to GO. WELL....I am GOING!!!!!

I have wanted a GO for a long time. The retreat will give me a chance to learn all about it and see if it will work with my neck problems. Then next fall when I have more extra money I will be able to buy one.

Just an update, since I have not posted in a lonnnnnnnng time. I quit my job, with all the changes and mis-information directed towards me. The stress level was unbelievable. I am now down to 1 job and that is the craft fairs. This will give me a little more time to exercise, focus on spiritual growth (I just keep forgetting to rely on God, for He truly has the best in mind for me), finding my house and QUILTING :). Sometimes we have to let go of something important to move on to bigger and better plans that He has instore for us. Psalm 91 shall become my prayer during the next couple weeks of transition.

I received the most awesome package from The Quilting Pirate. I am still on the road a bit so not sure if I will get a pic uploaded. Thank you for picking me. :)
And on her blog I found the most gorgeous BOM, obviously I am a little behind just finding it today, but have a look.

Not much new in my little center of the Earth, but transition and change is always hard. I have a different kind of anxiety (any prayer would help), as this is the first time I will have to rely on the craft fairs to support me until I find permanent work. The nice thing is in 3 weekends I can make up the difference in pay. LOL just have to stay away from the quilt shops and Joann's on those weekends.

Beautiful day here in Minnesota!!!!!!!!! All that snow (and more on the way)and a bright sunny sky.

Have a great day and God Bless all of YOU!!!!!!!!

I am so excited, I know time flies and it will be June before I know it, hopefully the weekend will not pass in a blurrrrrr. I have to remember the camera. :) have a blessed day, for we are servants to all masters to none.