I can do all things in Christ who strengthens ME!!!! Phil 4:13

Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 Finishes for January and some pondering thoughts

I have 3 finishes. One for each of my boys. I started these 5 years ago. There is one for Jeremy and one for Nick (who isn't happy with me but it was made for him) and one for Justin (grandson).

Then 2 more for the girls, they are way to big for Nick's kids. Will work on their quilts this summer. Although one girl has already gotten one from helping me alot during the second car accident, but it was the first one I made and it has lots of holes where the corners meet. (Life and sewing is really a large WIP LOL)

As I see all the advertising about valentines day and I get a little weepy, I have to slow down and think of my blessings. The same thing happens in May and until I slow down I don't even realize what it is. February several years ago I was blessed to be able to spend a week with my grandmother before she passed away. I was out of town and had arrived back in MN the day before Valentines day. My brother passed away in May when I was a child. I know they will always be with me but it is for this loss I get sad these times of the year.

I think I am also a little sad today because I miss the old relationship I had with Nick and being a part of his life. He doesn't seem to need me any more, especially since he remarried. I am like the wicked old stepmother. I ask for prayers for this relationship to open up again. I miss my little boy now a man and life is to short to not be able to have these people in my life.

On a happier note or should I say busier is going somewhat well...I survived the first week of Peak filing time, crashed computer and training. So... I may not be blogging very much this month.

I had the weekend off and was able to finish the 3rd quilt, do laundry, start the spare room I am making into a sewing room/office. Not going to take any pic it would just look like wall to wall boxes :).

It has been so cold here in the negatives at night.

I am now down 14 lbs :) YAY ME I can't afford to buy the Jenny Craig food this month so will be going on the maintenance plan only 40 more to go. I am Psyched!!!! Well it is off to do my hula hoop and the belly warmup's, maybe a little more tonight.

Have a great day and God Bless All of YOU!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haiti By Hand

I am stuffed animal challenged, as well as the time to do much by hand right now with managing two (not 1 but 2!!!!) tax offices. Haiti by Hand is doing donations of a cute little bunny by The Willow Tree called Bella the Bunny

Yesterday I had a date with my sewing machine, I finished another little fleece quilt, just have to clip the edges it is a frayed edge. I will be posting pic later in the week. I hope to have 1 more done. They are little fleece quilts that came in a kit, I bought like 15 of them at a time, on clearance from walmart. Well I sold a couple to a couple of friends and gave a couple as gifts, I have 5 left and one kit my mom gave me out of fleece to finish.

I am starting small because I do have a lot of UFO's to finish this winter in between working tons of hours this winter. Once spring comes I will be back to two jobs and then there isn't much time to do any crafting other than hand stitching and counted cross stitch. The chiropractor said no more crocheting - oh well we will see how that feels in 5 months when were bored at a craft fair.

Hi Ho Hi Ho it is off to work I go. Have a great day and God Bless all of you!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Swap Deadline

Just a reminder if you would like to participate in the swap 2010 Precious Moments Quilt Swap sign ups are for some reason the hyperlink feature isn't working this morning.

Have a great day and God Bless all of YOu!!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Songs I love this song, why and I just have to share it

I love these songs, it just speaks volumes to me about who I should trust and who is walking by my side. Sometimes for me it takes listening to a favorite song to realize that I have put other things first and not the big Guy upstairs. I want to share these songs because they are speak so strongly to me and there may be others that are having the same troubles I have had over the past few years and still continue to have. I need to trust God more than myself and I need to remember that. He has a plan in all the sadness and confusion I am facing at this moment in time.

I am having one of those days. LOL where I off today, but working from home. I am taking a little time to myself I have a small kit just need to finish cutting out the pieces. I have to somehow create a workable schedule for my two offices. My employees are great, they have all shown up. This is definitely a good sign. I seem to feel I am in way over my head but....I think God has other plans and today I am trying amidst the anxiety to dwell on His love and caring for me. As long as I was searching I wanted to share all of this with the many that are also facing struggles and searching. I do feel better after listening to all of these songs.

Someone once told me when things are really going bad and you are being tested to tell Satan to just leave me alone in the name of Jesus Christ for I know where I am going and I know where you will end up. LOL The devil can't compete with this.

For even though the raging sea is before me, He will hold my hand and my heart through it all, so that even though I am going through the motions HE is with me holding me up!!!!

Enjoy and have a great day. God Bless All of YOU!!!!!

This video reminds me that He is with Me, I have trouble remembering this when I try to take control of my life

This video has some very pretty scenes, I remember my grandmother telling me that one night she was looking at the moon after her stroke. She didn't always shut her shades at night, she saw the image of a cross in the moon. I guess I kind of follow suit whenever I seem to need Him he reminds me by showing me crosses in the image of telephone poles, tree branches, even shadings in the sun.

This song Matthew West wrote when he was facing surgery and might never have sung again. The one video I couldn't put here actually shows him going throught his journey. It reminds me of where I am not and where I have been. Do you sometimes feel you are just going through the motions and not really living life.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stash Report

I have signed up to follow the Stash reduction on Judy's blog. I think this will help with the inspiration and reducing what I have so that I may buy more. How fun is that.

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 0 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 0 yards
Net Used for 2010: 0 yards

Having weekends off for awhile is going to be so much fun. I might get a little spoiled. This weekend I just stitched a few of the NPNT blocks. Cleaned and had company. Today I went to a class on Soul Coaching, I am hoping this will help with the anxiety and nervousness. Seems it is much worse since he second car accident 3 years ago.

It was great having company and having my house livable again. Now I can do some of the deep cleaning as well as work on my spare room to create an office/sewing room. One of the things I learned in the class today was to declutter, I am slowly going to have time to do this. Maybe a kitchen or dresser drawer a day.

Well I have to be to work an hour early tomorrow due to reconciling the month of December and then I get to TEACH again. (lol always need prayer on this one, anxiety just skyrockets).

Have a great day and God Bless all of YOU!!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 - Reflections and Unconventional Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone, May God Bless you abundantly and keep you in the palm of HIS hand in the new year.

As I enter the new year I always think of what has happened over the last year. I guess I am really glad this year is over. We all have our mistakes we made, some to embarrassing to share as well as the blunders we share with everyone. This has been a hard year for me, working 7 days a week most weeks, losing a job, finding a job, messing up the finances (this was really :( easy ), not enough time to work on my house and craft projects, as well as working on my self. Sometimes we offend people without really realizing it (my appologies to anyone I may have done this to), and forget about those closest to us, again sometimes the hustle of life just seems to take control.

This year instead of making a long New Year's Resoulution list, I have decided to make a task list, one that is easily accomplished with just a little time. My job demands that I have most weekends off during tax season. I can understand where they are coming from on this as I will be managing 2 offices (need lots of prayer here and a little more than 10 employees.) I have managed 1 office and around 10 employees, but that was a few years ago.

I am making a list but it will be something I can accomplish and maybe see improvement in my sewing time, cleaning time (the house is a pit 4 years of working 2 jobs as well as a car accident, I guess you get the picture, therefore I will not be posting these embarrassing pics LOL for my own sanity)

My unconventional resolution list is going to be posted on my side bar where I can cross off my accomplishments. I want to go full speed ahead but....I have to realize I am a work in progress, so....all my resolutions are WIP's. Notice I did not number them or set deadlines, as even a small dent will be an accomplishment.

  • Find a new church and strengthen my relationship with God (seems when we get busy He didn't forget about me, I forgot to trust in Him) I guess this is where faith comes in.

  • Clean out spare room for either sewing room or new roommate (1 not so high paying job this may be a neccessity).

  • Find my house by shhhh....Decluttering!!!!

  • Lose 50 lbs (I am excited about this slow moving task, I have lost around 10 lbs since Nov 15) only 400 more to go LOL (yes that really is 400 not a typo)

  • Exercise daily even if it is in 5-10 minute spurts.

  • Sew a little each month....UFO's, quilt kits I have bought and the mountain of fabric-to reduce my fabric stash.

  • Learn something new this year.

  • Take some ME time this year.

  • Quit some obnoxious habits. LOL My son tells me I have these. Guess I am not perfect.

  • Find laughter and goodness in people every day.

  • Share the wealth, even if funds are tight, I can still open a door for someone or share a smile.

  • Learn Stress management techniques. (this one may be really hard for me).

Jeanette and I enjoyed the advent swap so much, with her help I will be having a Christmas in July Advent Swap. I haven't finalized all the details yet. But sign ups and details will follow.

The 2010 Feb fat quarter swap will close Jan 20, 2010.

May you all be blessed today, have a great holiday and God Bless all of YOU!!!!!!