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Sunday, June 28, 2009


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Sorry I haven't figured out how to make a link on the picture. LOL Little lazy today will work on that another day.

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My Birthday is on Saturday maybe I will win :) not holding my breath I haven't won on the blogs yet. But surprises are always fun.

Today is the first day off since last week, where I could just be lazy, and all I have done so far is sit at the puter for a few hours.

It is just an awesome day, beautiful blue sky, breezy and not even going to hit 80 degrees. It has been so hot in my house since the heat wave struck a week or so ago. It is nice to have a lazy day when the weather is beautiful even though so far all I have done is eaten breakfast and watched movies. The first movie that came on was Zoom, such a cute movie. I became interested in the second movie, called Flicka, because it takes place in the state of Wyoming. Brings back many memories from when I lived out there.

Well I have found a part time job. I did not get the job I applied for last week, my last day of work was Wednesday. I guess this is the first chance I have had to relax since I have been working 1 job and 2 part time jobs for 3 weeks. My part time job is telemarketing from home. I like the job but it seems my puter doesn't like being moved from room to room. My son (bless his heart) bought me a 50 foot cord. End the frustration of being disconnected and not being able to get back on the wireless. The telemarketing isn't bad but it only pays $9.00 an hour, so I guess I won't get rich. The other drawback is I can only get 2 days a week, but there is a show on Thursday in Wisconsin, just have to find the contact info online.

No finishes this month been a little busy but looks like I will be creating tons and job searching again next week. Say lot of prayers.

God bless all of you and have a great Sunday it is gorgeous here in East Central Minnesota.