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Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 Finishes for January and some pondering thoughts

I have 3 finishes. One for each of my boys. I started these 5 years ago. There is one for Jeremy and one for Nick (who isn't happy with me but it was made for him) and one for Justin (grandson).

Then 2 more for the girls, they are way to big for Nick's kids. Will work on their quilts this summer. Although one girl has already gotten one from helping me alot during the second car accident, but it was the first one I made and it has lots of holes where the corners meet. (Life and sewing is really a large WIP LOL)

As I see all the advertising about valentines day and I get a little weepy, I have to slow down and think of my blessings. The same thing happens in May and until I slow down I don't even realize what it is. February several years ago I was blessed to be able to spend a week with my grandmother before she passed away. I was out of town and had arrived back in MN the day before Valentines day. My brother passed away in May when I was a child. I know they will always be with me but it is for this loss I get sad these times of the year.

I think I am also a little sad today because I miss the old relationship I had with Nick and being a part of his life. He doesn't seem to need me any more, especially since he remarried. I am like the wicked old stepmother. I ask for prayers for this relationship to open up again. I miss my little boy now a man and life is to short to not be able to have these people in my life.

On a happier note or should I say busier is going somewhat well...I survived the first week of Peak filing time, crashed computer and training. So... I may not be blogging very much this month.

I had the weekend off and was able to finish the 3rd quilt, do laundry, start the spare room I am making into a sewing room/office. Not going to take any pic it would just look like wall to wall boxes :).

It has been so cold here in the negatives at night.

I am now down 14 lbs :) YAY ME I can't afford to buy the Jenny Craig food this month so will be going on the maintenance plan only 40 more to go. I am Psyched!!!! Well it is off to do my hula hoop and the belly warmup's, maybe a little more tonight.

Have a great day and God Bless All of YOU!!!!

2 Extremely Wonderful People Said:

Allie said...

((((((((Kim)))))))))) I'll pray for you and Nick. Congrats on the weight loss - I think I found that 14lbs. Big hugs to you, sweetie!

Vale said...

Hi Kim, sorry if I didn't write for a while, but I'm so busy in this period and lots of things are happening... I will tell you everything as soon as I can!
A big hug!