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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday craft Fair

My other life. I worked today at the Craft fair. It is definitely a sign of the times as the people count was way down, even though there was a full ice arena next door. I can tell that money is very tight compared to last year. I had one customer buy more than one bracelet, everyone else only bought 1. Last year I would have at least a couple of people buy more than one bracelet as a gift. The stores are also way down in sales. I thought everything would be fine in 09 (my new slogan for the year) but... I am a little worried about the economy being down. Well it always picks up after awhile, will just have to wait it out.

It was soooo... cold today. Seems to get really cold after it snows. Even though there weren't many customers at the fair, my dad and I still did ok. I even was able to almost finish one of my NPNT blocks. I guess it may not take me a year to do the quilt although sharing the blocks with another quilt may mean I have to make twice as many. It is a quick and easy take along project.

My anxiety level has been really high lately so if you think about it and can spare a prayer, I could use one. :)

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