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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Inclement Weather Means One Clean Room and Pressies!!!

I stayed home from the Mall show as we were supposed to get a big storm. It is really slippery and my car doesn't do very well in the snow. I am going to get an alignment on the car and then I am sure it will be fine. But I still love the car. All we have had is rain so far. The snow is right on the doorstep though. I am so glad we aren't getting dumped on as the snowblower still doesn't work. Fortunately Jeremy's boss will come and plow us out. Guess he better keep being a good employee.

3 more blocks done. One is done with the pigment marker. I am putting these in a different quilt because it is heart applique and very dark materials I think the textures will inter mix as it will have the written, embroidered and raw edge button hole applique . I think it will be very pretty. (hopefully)

Thank you Jeanette for the wonderful Christmas present. I have some stuff collected and as soon as things improve I will send them to you.

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