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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I love seeing my kids, especially when I haven't seen one of them for 4.5 years. Just on a fluke his class was in Minneapolis this week. I could only get down there for one night, but it was worth it. I am so tired but happy. I had a great visit. Nick was running late but after an hour wait I finally was able to see him. They grow up so much over the years it is exciting watching the changes in each one of them. Hopefully it will not be another 4 year time span before the next visit. 4 years is way to long. And I have a pic, I will post later just way to tired tonight as it was 2am before I could finally fall asleep. I overslept for work as well but fortunately no one noticed.

Looks like I will be home all weekend my nice car doesn't like the snowy roads. Jeremy thinks it maybe the tires. I guess we will try that as when I took it for an alignment they said the tierods were loose. After checking it out Jeremy seems to think they are fine so now I need another opinion. Well that works.

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