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Monday, October 12, 2009

My Day in a Nutshell (a large nutshell)

I woke up to THIS.....

Now I really think this is a little early, it isn't even Halloween, and I still have 2 bald tires. Please pray they cover them under warranty. I will find out on Friday, and it is supposed to be 60 degrees here on Friday.
The first pic is on the way to work, the second is the Rum River in Downtown Anoka.

This is an awesome fundraiser for Breast Cancer. My roommate is a survivor. My son's piano teacher, a very Godly woman did not. Check out the link on my side bar and visit Julie to enter and see all the goodies they are giving away.

I saw this on Cleary's blog. It is all about making quilts for children, through Downy fabric softener. This is definitely on my todo list when life allows me to quilt more.

There is a birthday giveaway for Granny she is going to be 96, loves the Lord and still is quilting. May we all be so blessed. Reading the stories of Granny brings back memories of my grandmothers.

I came home from work today and my son was just a crab!!!! So.....not being able to resist.....I just said do you need a hug....well when they are 23 they are not just going to come up and get a hug from mom....DUH!!!! so....I just went up and gave him a big hug from behind. Now you have to realize my son is almost 6 feet tall and I am just barely 5'2". Well he was still cranky so...I just told him when he was little I would give him a hug and then (sick aren't I) I would tickle him. After 3 hugs he was finally laughing and smiling. So remember to share a hug with your kids today, even if they don't want one., and call you wierd. They really need one and we have them around for such a short time.

Have a great rest of the day and God Bless all of YOU!!!!!!

2 Extremely Wonderful People Said:

Valerie said...

Snow??? Is that really snow??? Thanks for posting about Granny's give away. Don't you worry about a card. You have done way too much!!!! I appreciate what all you have done.

Allie said...

EEEEEEEEEEEK! No white stuff til Christmas Eve please!
How cute that you got 3 hugs out of your son - they're NEVER too big for a hug, they'll always be our babies, right?