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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall in MN, Terry's Block and I love my D1

Driving down to my dad's on Friday I saw the most beautiful fall colors. The first 4 are on the way back from the Chiropractor. The next one is in downtown Jordan. The last one is near Shakopee. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. To bad it is short. The snow we had yesterday turned out to be ice, and my poor little car with the 2 bald tired in the back(just found out they were bald on Thursday) did not drive very well in it. Nothing like helping to promote the anxiety I am trying to deal with.

I have finished Terry's Block and will try and mail it later in the week. I think it turned out really nice and definitely has a country look.

The last set of blocks are for Kolby. These are only 6 inch blocks, unlike the fairy blocks, there are many more. I will show them as I finish them.

I love the D1 and what it will do. For me it brings me back into a place where I can still create something on a limited time frame. Along with the ability to make quilt blocks to mix with pieced blocks. Working 2 jobs I don't have time to do a lot of handiwork. The other thing it does for me( as the chiropractor put it...I am surprised you can do the hand embroidery...most people with your injuries can't do it...I just looked at him and said I am not giving this up) allows me to do the craft work I enjoy. I still do the hand embroidery but it is very slow and my hands fall asleep alot. Life has been so busy with the new job and teaching classes and homework and and and, well you get the picture.
Have a great day and GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!!!

3 Extremely Wonderful People Said:

Allie said...

Oh my the colors are stunning - lots of trees are turning here too, but we don't have quite that level of display yet. I love your block for Terry, and the motorcycle dudes are great!
I have trouble hand-embroidering too, severe arthritis in my neck - so machine embroidery helps me keep creative when I'm too sore to hand-stitch. But I can't give it up.

Rebag said...

Hi Kim nice to see you back in blog land! Isnt it funny how busy life can get then we just got to get caught up! I LOVE the trees, you captured some awesome photos! I love fall, it is my favorite season!

The blocks are beautiful too! I am new to hand embroidery, and I wish I could afford an embroidery machine......some day maybe!!

Stay warm, sounds like we got some yuck moving in later tonight and tomorrow

Valerie said...

Wow. How did I miss this post? I am behind. Love those colors and all of your goodies.