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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rough Week - Kind of Depressing

My week started out pretty normal. The craft fair last weekend was not the greatest. Work was going fairly well....until Tuesday. I am called into a meeting with the Pastor and the acting CEO of the church. The first words the pastor said to me is I am so sorry but...we have had some major budget cuts and the two salaried positions are to be cut. Imagine my shock when my position was one of them. I have a job until June 30.

Wednesday rolls around and I find out that I am not eligible for unemployment(I was banking on this). Churches in Minnesota do not have to pay unemployment if they do not want to. It was really hard going to work yesterday.

Thursday I am having extreme anxiety and having trouble getting to work. I check my bank account as it is payday and lo and behold the paycheck is not there. Evidently the treasurer goofed up the direct deposit. I also find out that unemployment only goes back for 1 year, not 5 as I was told. To make my day even brighter I may not be eligible for the displaced worker program because I am not eligible for unemployment.

Needless to say things at home should be going allright, right. Wrong...the dryer doesn't work now ( I do have a clothes line outside) that will help and gives me 3 months to get one. Jeremy looked at it and found it is the motor, which are very hard to find at the moment. The rear brake on the car is squeaking. We ran out of heating oil. (Thank God it is April and I have space heaters.)

I know God has a plan in all of this but right now I can't see it. It is good I work 2 jobs so at least I will have a tiny bit of income coming in from the craft fairs. I will be working at the Red Hat convention this week. It should be a lot of fun. I will have Sunday off so that will be relaxing. Say lots of prayers my shows pick up. I will start the job search next week when I am a little more rested and not quite so anxious. May need to go to the Dr. before this is all over and get treted for Anxiety as I will have to find out about COBRA or the state health insurance, that will end on June 30th as well.

Maybe someone will click on my Google Adsense and I will make a penny a month lol.
I will also have a lot of time to clean my house and do a lot of sewing.

Have a great day and God Bless All of You

2 Extremely Wonderful People Said:

clare's craftroom said...

Kim I'm so sorry to hear all your bad news , I have my fingers crossed that it all works out well for you .

Rebag said...

Hi Kim...I am sorry to hear of this but you are right, God does have a plan for you, I have walked that road youare on right now, just keep your chin up, and have the faith that something better is right around the corner someplace for you.

Have you talked to the unemployment office? Perhaps you can find something to help out or some temporary jobs?

please know my thoughts and prayers are wiht you