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Sunday, April 12, 2009

HAPPY EASTER, a giveaway & my poor puter & pic

Happy Easter everyone, It is a beautiful day here in Minnesota. Sun is shining and He is Risen. May everyone have a blessed day.

I have a couple of invites for dinner, but I have decided I will probably stay home and relax. After working on taxes for my family all day yesterday and fighting with the clothes line, finally getting four loads of laundry out (I really over did it). BUT!!! today is Easter and I have decided I am going to stay home and take care of myself, a little sewing, a little cooking, a little resting and blinders so that I do not see the mess from working without a day off since February.

Best Buy has messed up my laptop as they did my son's computer. The webcam now works but I still have no microphone. They said to install only the updates that I need and if I install all the important and recommended updates the computer crashes. I was able to get it to system restore to restore it and set the settings to before the updates. I am so frustrated. So...hi ho its back to Best Buy we go.

Here are a few giveaways enjoy, very nice blogs.

Even though time did not permit me to sew as much as I wanted to this weekend. (and here I sit blogging :) LOL) All I have to do is to cut the sashing, cornerstones and borders, then I can sew sew sew all week after work. I will also be doing a little stitching. Should be a very pretty quilt.

I have looked at this kit for the last year and finally decided March 1, I would start it. I figured it would be finished in a month. Silly ME!!! but it is turning out so pretty. It is either a table cloth or a tree skirt. I figured I would make it as a table cloth, because I can fold it in half and use it under a tree. It is all candlewicking french knots, satin stitch and back stitch. Just very slow for me. I did hear a word of encouragement from the chiropractor. He said most people with my injuries can't do the stitching. (I am not giving this up!!!) I just stop when my hands get tired and come back to it in a little bit. Now if I could get all the walking I started 2 months ago stop the aching muscles I can add more time to my walk. I will be thin in no time.

I am sorry the pic's are not the best quality. The battery cover broke on the bottom of my camera so I took these with my cell phone. Now where it that duct tape.

Have a great Easter everyone. Remember He died so that We may live.

God Bless You All and thank you for stopping by.

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Joy said...

Have a fun day sewing Kim ... your candlewicking is lovely :o).
Joy :o)