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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am coming out of the the saying goes LOL :)

I have decided to come out of the closet. I have joined Weight Watchers! So far in 8 weeks I have lost 2 pounds. Well it is a slow start. Exercise seems to be a problem, as the muscles just seem to get so tired. I still think it is due to the second car accident. Took 4 years to get back a lot of energy after the first. It is now 2 years from the second one and I am still sooooo tired. On the upside I did take a before photo just not sure if I want to post it anywhere or not but when I get done losing the ton of weight I need to lose. I just do not know how I became this size other than the fact that with the car accidents everything turned to flab and the weight gain followed. I think Steph likes Belly Dancing showed her my workout dvd tonight we had fun.

It was another beautiful day. Work was long. I keep thinking I should try and find another job but when I send out applications no one ever calls back. I did find out the college course I took does offer resume and career help. Maybe in the spring I will actively search again. I am doing a craft fair at a Civic Center this weekend. I am excited, this should be a good show. Now if the anxiety goes away I will have a good time.

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