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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Tuesday Obama Wins

Was a long weekend. Now it is election day and they are forecasting snow. But it was a beautiful day here. Wish I wasn't so tired. I am really glad I am not doing taxes as a second job this year. I can finally quilt and lay around if I want for 3 whole days. Wow maybe my house will be clean again. Now there is a concept. I just can't believe that the election would take over the programming and I would miss NCIS got to love Mark Harmon :).

My new car is almost done. Jeremy bought the motor on Monday and drove the car home today. What a kid can't help being proud of them.

Well hi ho hi ho it's off to do the dishes and then to bed i go.

Well Obama won the election guess we will see what the next 4 years bring us.

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