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Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Focus Needs to Change

Wow I found this free software that will let me type and do what I want in my blog post and not even be on the internet so that when I do go online it will post and publish my blog. The program is and it was free. I found the program on I have had the flu since Thursday.

I am feeling a bit better but my tooth is still sore. The anxiety has just kicked in full force must be worrying over an appointment I have coming up. I guess it is going to be fine in 09. I just have to focus on that thought.

On the upside I am setting up my quilting space earlier than January because when life throws you scraps you make quilts right. I am realizing that i have just way to much stuff so i need to get rid of some things, which means I can have more room for fabric, scrapbooking, rubber stamps and books.

I have realized with the anxiety being rampant I need to start journaling more to get all this stuff that rambles around in my brain. See all the stuff we carry around with us whether it be physilcal object or worries bogs us down. There are so many others with more problems greater than what we carry. It is at that point where journaling, talking with others and having a good friend to talk to helps. As well as leaning on Jesus and His angels to carry us through the burdens we bear.

IT'S SNOWING!!!! Well big fluffy flakes and they won't last supposed to be 58 for Halloween. But it is pretty.

I also found the free software and look what it can do really will save space on the website when putting more than one pic online. I can combine them into a collage.

I must really need to talk today as look at how much I have typed.

Well you all have a great day and God Bless each and everyone of you.

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