I can do all things in Christ who strengthens ME!!!! Phil 4:13

Friday, March 11, 2011

Craft Fair Blaine Sports Center MN

If your bored this weekend, there is a craft fair at the Blaine Sports Center. I am going to find some new crafty ideas.

So far not working 2 jobs has been interesting. I worked on family projects all last week and this week I have been sick all week with some sort of Virus. Let's see what next week brings. Hopefully the backing on the heart quilt, A log cabin quilt finished (both girls are coming over to finish their quilts next week). They are really close Jen (no blog) and Dusty (no blog) have all their squares almost finished. Good thing my living room is picked up were going to lay out the blocks and see what pattern they would like the log cabin to go.

I have decided to just do one job for now, hopefully my weekend work will continue to blossom and provide all my support.

Only 3 months until my retreat. I am still excited and it is paid for so, when I start looking for work after Easter, I can still go, just need gas money. :)

God is truly doing some amazing things in my life. So far my neck hasn't been off, as far as the dizziness goes. Back still hurts but then I am trying to build up to an hour a day on the Wii, I guess that will do it. So far almost 12 lbs down, trying to make 25 by my God-son's wedding in May.

Have a great day and God Bless all of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1 Extremely Wonderful People Said:

Allie said...

Hi Kim, it sounds like things are going very well - I continue to pray that will keep up! Sounds like you're doing GREAT on the Wii! That would kick my behind for sure.