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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend Snow In!!!!!

Technically I am snowed in at the motel. I chose to stay Friday night so that I could work on Saturday. After finally getting out (I am only a block away from one of the entrances to the mall) of the motel parking lot, I finally arrived at the mall at 11:00 am. The mall actually closed at 3 pm today. Sooooo...... I thought I was smart with my laptop LOL I just realized I have left the plug in at the mall. Hopefully it is still in my booth.

I thought I would share a couple pic from the mall door. The one was actually plowing the parking lot and 2 hours later it still did not look plowed. The other is from the one door the garage door is a loading dock. You can't read the words on the entrance behind it( can't see it barely).Woodbury had 20 inches, Shakopee had 15 inches. Not sure how much I have at home but it has to be similar to what St Paul has.
Well have a great rest of the weekend. I am off the puter until I get back to the mall tomorrow.
God Bless all of YOU!!!!!

2 Extremely Wonderful People Said:

Rebag said...

Brrrr yes we got a lot of snow here too and cant hardly see past the g rain bins. Just a good day or 2 to lay low! Hope you get your cord back!! Please stay safe and warm!

Allie said...

Stay warm and safe - it's arriving here tomorrow night, but we're not getting anything like you!!!!!!!