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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Miller Hill Mall and Finishes for Nov 2010

I did finally finish the last of the fleece quilts. They are for gifts but :) not exactly who they are going to. I saved a fleece one for me but it is a different type of fleece quilt.

If your in Duluth this weekend there is a huge craft fair at the Miller Hill Mall. I am hoping to be there but am not quite sure. Working 2 jobs sometimes I just have to take a weekend off just to regenerate.

I still haven't put the batting and backing on the heart quilt, that should be done over the Christmas break. Mom borrowed me her quilting kit for the Designer 1, I am so excited. I do not think the handiquilter will work with the designer 1 and have not tried to see if the old machine will even sew right now.

Work is busy right now getting the office ready for Tax Season, I am now teaching a second set of tax classes. I did have a job interview 2 weeks ago, but was never called for a second interview. I figure I will just have to work 2 jobs for the tax season and then start looking again in March. Maybe something will open up this spring. There are so many people out of work and unemployment benefits right now. It isn't unusual for an employer to receive 500 applications for 1 job.

Remember this holiday season all those who are silently suffering, remembering those they have lost, memories of happier times. Share a smile with them or call them and let them know your thinking of them, for at this time of year some of them feel all alone, even when surrounded by loved ones.

Well have a great weekend and God Bless All of YOU!!!!!

1 Extremely Wonderful People Said:

Allie said...

Kim those quilts are really beautiful - love that one with the black!
Don't kill yourself doing the craft show. You do need rest, you don't want to compromise your immune system.

I have the quilting kit for the D1, love it! Of course a handiquilter would be better, lol. But I do love quilting with the D1.

Unemployment is still so awful, I'm praying you get a good paying full-time job hon. Things are so rough out there. Just keep hanging tight onto Jesus. I'm sending you some cyber hugs with the prayers.