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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It is now Wednesday :) and a new giveaway

Hard to believe it is Wednesday already. Well just barely it is actually 12:34 am. I really should be in bed, but....then I talked to Mom on the phone, I straightened up her blog,( looks quite nice actually), and then she came back online...well you know what that means...I had to show her, her blog and chat a little more. I am so thankful that I still have both my parents. They are such fun people. Mom and I quilt and hang out, Dad and I do the craft fairs. I am so blessed. Then my son went out on an emt call so I of course had to wait up for him. Well now he has gone back to bed and mom has gone to bed... wish I could be an early to bedder and early riser.

Well the job search is slow. God keeps closing the doors and opening new venues to put my resume out there. I am just about done taking the county tests, will see if that leads to a job. So far the one that is open is 2.5 hours from home. Definitely be a new adventure there. On the upside my students are doing really well, They are a great group of people. Midterms will be due around October 18th, that is 3 completed (on paper) tax returns. I only have a couple that have no experience at all, the others have either done their own taxes or were prior employees of the company I work for.

Glenna over at Hollyhock Quilts is having a awesome giveaway for some Moda precuts. Seems she has an abundance and is going to bless soneone or someone's with some beautiful precuts. I would love to win that.

I actually won a prize from one of the bloghops. This is a book from Canton Village and it has the most awesome patterns in it. I haven't received it yet. I did the blog hop when I was doing my mini retreat at my dad's on the September 1st post. I showed the book to my sis and told her she (she is a libarian - need spell check here-) has to have this book for her library.

No finishes for September was just to busy. I am finally getting most of the boxes out of the living room. My sewing room is being filled with all the sewing goodies and fabric. Did you know the pants hangers will hold a quilt that is not batted. It will be so awesome having everything in one area. Hopefully no more lost blocks and I will find the ones I have misplaced when it is organized.

Well kidlets it is time to go to bed, unless one more person wants to chat. I don't have to work until 5pm today so I can stay up a tiny bit later but I do see the sandman around the corner.

I had a busy Saturday at the Stone Lake Cranberry Festival. Lot of people there, such a beautiful drive. As I was going down a hill Dad called and said look to the left sure enough there was a big black bear!!!!! To bad I had someone on my tail or I would have been able to pull over and take a picture. But!!!! I did get some really pretty scenery shots, sun wasn't shining but most turned out ok. Will post them when I am not falling asleep. (lol time to hit the hay)

Have a great Wednesday and God Bless All of YOU!!!!!!
Yall come back now ya here. :)

1 Extremely Wonderful People Said:

Allie said...

The weeks are just flying by, aren't they? I can't believe it's October. Yes, you are very blessed to have both your parents - my mum is around and I do enjoy her.

Wish I could sleep early and rise early too. Not gonna happen this side of the equator.

I'm keeping you in prayer for the job search, hon. My oldest went on his first ever interview today, don't think it went too well but he did it, and got a bit of experience. Congrats on your prize, hope it comes soon!

Don't forget to take pics of your sewing room when it's done!