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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I won I won lol just a little bragging!!!!!

Thank you so much for the chance to win your prizes. :)
I won these really cool patterns from Quilter's showcase aren't they just adorable
She is having another giveaway this week as well. Quilter's Showcase
I also won the hop into Fall blog hop giveaway at The Quilting Pirate. I have put the link so you can see the pictures of what I have won. The patterns are so cute. I love the kitty fabric. When the prize arrives, sometimes I get so busy, it is better to post my thank you' s right away.
Tonight it is so windy. The weather channel said this storm is worse than the one that sank the Edmund Fitzgerald in Lake Superior back in the '70's. We have an record setting barometric pressure, with hurricane force winds. This is really eerie. I heard a crack but did not hear the tree fall. My son went out back to check, so far no down trees in our yard. I may have to stay up way past my bedtine every time I hear the cracking of the branches. The trees are only next to the house on 2 sides but the other sides the top will reach the house if they fall. I guess this is the spot where I ask the angels to put a cover over my house where my roomate and son and I sleep. (I am such a Wuss).
We lost cable around 10:00pm, which wasn't good as I wanted to watch the news for a story on a family from Minneapolis who the father and 3 of the sons went down in a plane. The news was going to show the recovery efforts on what they will do to try and track down the plane. So far we have electricity, but I did get the oil lamps out just in case, the power is out in several areas all around us (Linwood, East Bethel). My son also said if it goes out nothing will happen until morning to fix it. Not much to read by LOL but if the flame is high enough it can be done.
Still no full time employment on the horizon but there is another job that has opened up a little over an hour south of me. It takes awhile on some of the county jobs, because they have the test date, the job isn't available for interviews until after the testing is completed.
I did apply to accuquilt to be a demonstrator. Talk about a fun job!!!! I will just have to make sure I leave most of my money at home. The quilt store I picked up my shop hop prize from August had an end of bolt sale and if you took it all it was 2 dollars a yard. I bought a cute pattern instead of the fabric. Since I forgot my suitcase at home and was staying at my dad's all weekend I ended up going to the Goodwill and buying a change of clothes. The Goodwill has come a long ways. Some of the clothes I looked at still had the tags on from the store that donated them. Remember to support your local charity by shopping at the thrift store. Lots of cute clothes for next to nothing prices. The tan and green labels were only a dollar that day.
My sewing room is starting to take shape, I will post pic when it is done (I was to embarrassed to take before pic 6 years of working 2 or 3 jobs get the picture.) right now I only have 1 day a week to work on it. Seems the others are taken care of by 2 days at work, 3 days working the craft fair, 1 day vegetating and trying to get caught up and 1 day of running errands and gone all day with the magnetics.
I am trying a new chiropractor, say lots of prayers, the anxiety is rampant. I am hoping this will help, I don't want to be comfortable for the rest of my life, so I am seeking and looking for alternatives. When he said disk degeneration though I am a little nervous for the 1st appointment on Thursday. God has a way of helping us through all of this. He blessed me abundantly with the prizes and another blessing that I messed up royally. But He still loves me.
I also looked at the preview and seems blogger is showing no paragraphs, so if it is all messed up. LOL I did double check the spacing. So strange the things we have no control over which really bug us. Guess this is God's way of saying RELAX!!! something hard for me to do.
Have a great day and God Bless All of YOU!!!!!!

2 Extremely Wonderful People Said:

Diane said...

Hope you came out of that storm ok. That looked like a doozie on the news.

Allie said...

Wowzers girl, congrats on your wins - I love those little pirate duckies, lol!!! I think your winds are far worse than ours, it's been blustery and the weather forecasters were all excited but most of it blew by....we didn't get the brunt of it by any means. Hope you've made it through without any trees falling. I'll say some prayers for the family that went down in the plane. I'm still praying for full-time employment for you.

I buy all my clothes at the thrift shop - I'd rather donate my money than send it to China.

I'll be praying for your health as well, sweetie.