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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Updates and AccuQuilt Retreat for me

I have to apologize for not updating my blog. I have been working a lot where the internet isn't so great. I have several small finishes that I need to upload and have just not had the energy to do so. The job search is not going as well as I planned, so I will be hitting the road again this summer. It is hard because most of the projects I can bring are embroidery or small crocheting projects. The heart quilt for my aunt is still sitting on the table waiting for my inspiration on how to quillt it to come, as well as needing to be home a little more. I have had this terrible pain in my face and the chiropractor is working on it but since this has affected my sleep, I hate to work on it while I am exhausted. Working on a quilt when I am exhausted means lots of errors, not pretty ones either.
In light of my not being able to work on my hobby like I planned, I am still going on the Accuquilt retreat. I am so excited. I can't believe it is next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received the itinery, but not the class instructions until today. Which means I only have tonight and Monday, part of Tuesday to get everything together. Good thing I have lots of fabric....I just have to move the boxes, to get to it. Eleanor Burns will be at the barn raising. This is just so exciting, I was going to take her class a couple of years ago to be a certified teacher and the money didn't come in. But!!!!!!!!!!! she will be there.
If any of you in Blogland are going to be there let me know, would be awesome to meet some of the people, whose pages I read.
Well my posts will be sporadic over the summer, unless my ship comes in, so....with that in mind have a great summer and as soon as I can I will post pic's of my retreat and finishes. I do so miss keeping up with everyone here in blogland, but when the time is right I will be back more frequently.
God has a great plan I just have to wait and see what it is.
Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless All of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Allie said...

Kim I'm sorry to hear the job search isn't going well - things are so rough out there. I don't like the sound of the pain in your face, either. You are in my prayers always!