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Sunday, November 1, 2009

2nd post of the day

Carin is having a awesome giveaway.

Feedsack Fantasy has a cool giveaway

Make sure you read all my other giveaways for today in the post from this morning.

Well I had a slow show. Really boring, no one in the mall until the cute little goblins came in. Then when I was leaving the mall, the rear door wouldn't shut so.....what do I do.....I slam the stupid thing. LOL This was the wrong thing to do, as the window wouldn't go up and I heard this crunch. It was failing anyway, but lucky me, my son said I was the one who did the damage. Was a cold ride home. Fortunately he was able to tape the window shut, so I don't have a cold ride to work tomorrow. Son just came in and said it looks like it can be fixed. What a blessing to have a fireman/emt/auto mechanic in the house. Now if I could just get him to figure out to get him to clean his room. One thing at a time my dears.....

I will be announcing my 100th post/1000th visitor giveaway this week. Not sure what it is going to be but I think it will be very cool.

Have a great day and God Bless All of YOU!!!!!

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Allie said...

ACK - I'm so glad he can fix it - brrrrrrr!!!!!