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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Advent Swap and Jewelry give away

This year I joined Fiona's advent swap. I think it will be fun collecting little doodads to brighten someone else's Christmas Holiday.

I have posted the link to the swap on the sidebar.

I also found a jewelry site that you can enter to win. The jewelry is beautiful. I have also posted a link to that site on my sidebar as well.

Well I survived the second week at work. I am still a little unsure of some of the operating procedures but I am not quite so nervous this week. I think the ambulances outside the door (they park at the building) are a little intimidating. Everytime I go out for a smoke (yes I know I do have to quit, just waiting for a little reprieve in the business) I know they are watching me and thinking....our next victim. A little sick I know, I think I am just reliving my ambulance ride 3 years ago from the car accident. I guess I just have to learn to relax.

Speaking of relaxing, I took the weekend off to work on my dad's books. Say lots of prayers the paperwork I wanted to look at is not in the box from the accountant.

I hope to make a big dent in Dad's books as well as taking a little time to relax and maybe clean and sew.

Have a great weekend and God Bless all of You!!!!! :)

2 Extremely Wonderful People Said:

Vale said...

Hi Kim, I'm your partner on the Advent Swap by Fiona! My name is Valeria and I'm Italian, I'm so happy to be your partner, I hope to hear from you soon!
Hugs, Valeria

Vale said...

Hi Kim, how are you?? Here everything it's ok, it's a bit too hot, but nevermind!
Hugs, Valeria