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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Computer Troubles

What happens when the laptop screen goes black. It goes back to Best Buy for fixing. I am really thankful I bought the maintenance plan for my computer. It has come in handy more than once. I bought a 1 Terabyte external hard drive last night, and spent 3 hours backing up my computer. I wouldn't have normally done this but my last computer I lost most the data. My son's computer Best Buy (where ever they sent the computer to) actually damaged the hard drive so bad he can't get any of his information off of it. we are covered and anyone I know who would like to store information (just in case always helps to have a back-up plan).

Lot of fun swaps out there right now. I am hoping with out the laptop. (I do have an extra desktop I can use when my son gets his puter back) I may be able to get a little stitching and sewing.

So many things to do and so little time (and money lol).

Have a great day and God Bless all of you.

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