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Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's a Heat Wave :) 40 degree's

Well we finally had a break in the cold weather, AND they tell me it is going to be 40 tomorrow. We will finally be able to shed all the blankets (well a couple of them anyway) and the long johns. I have to get more batteries for my camera so I can take a pic of the most recent finished NPNT blocks. Not much quilting again this week, working at the mall again on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There is an upside to this mall. Leeann Chin's and Baja Sol. Chinese food is good but there isn't one where I live so I take advantage of the Bourbon chicken or terriyaki chicken and have to have the fried rice. Baja Sol has the best Peach Mango Salsa, they just let you take warm tortilla chips and all the salsa you want. They have other kinds as well but I am just hooked on the Peach mango. I really have to find the recipe. Then there is the Mango LOL I have to find out what one actually looks like before I can buy it. Mangoes just don't seem to grow well in the Northern tier of our country.

Well I am off to finish the dishes, make a tuna salad for part of the meals at the mall. Too expensive to eat there 3 days in a row, both on the pocket book and the waist line. I also have to finish a table cloth for my booth. And then there is the laundry. I really think it is bed time what do you think.

Have a great day tomorrow TGIF although I go by TGIT (4 day work week) Thank God It's Thursday :). God Bless you all and thank you for stopping by.

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